Swim team blast

incest phone sexToday I serviced my brother and half of the swim team. Since it was summer break my brother and I had been hanging out by the pool quite a lot to try to stay cool. MY tan was looking great but I was hoping that he would be busy today so I could work on my all over tan. However fate brought something else our way in the form of a small pool party. My brother called a few of his friends on the swim team to come over and hang out for a while and just have fun. At first I was annoyed as they were being young boys and splashing and being loud. Then during one of their games I was picked up and thrown into the pool. As I surfaced my top had come undone and I was flashing everyone without my knowledge. My brother was embarrassed and tried to get me to cover up but his friends were busy telling him to shut it. I figured that if the girls were out then I might as well make it worth their while and the bottoms came off soon after. As I went up the steps to get out I had 5 hungry boys following and my brother grumbling about my nakedness. I went to my chair and laid back putting everything on display. I told them all that they could feast on anything that they wanted but the cock that I wanted first was my brothers. They practically carried him to me and undressed him in preparation. I bent down and sucked my brother’s delicious cock into my mouth as I felt a cock enter my pussy from behind. From then on it was a solid stream of cocks in every hole. After everyone was wiped we jumped into the pool to rinse off and I invited them all to stay over for a continuation of the fun- a few accepted and I can’t wait to see what tonight brings!!!

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