Sunset Desires!

It was such a beautiful evening tonight. I just had to go for a walk along the beach. I love the way the water feels as it brushes against my toes. I like that salty air blowing against my skin. Then I just sit on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset. I don’t know why but it makes me feel so alive to look at the ocean with the sun setting behind it. I was enjoying it immensely when a very handsome man walked up to me, and asked if I’d like some company. He sat down right next to me on the beach. And I could feel his eyes all over my body. It was really hard to concentrate on the beautiful sunset when I could feel his eyes staring at me. I kept looking over out of the corner of my eye. And he was so fucking sexy.he put his hand on my back and started to brush the sand off of me, and I let out the cutest little moan. I couldn’t help it,  but I got so hard so fast I just popped right out of the top of my bikini. Of course he noticed right away. I was so embarrassed I could see the shock on his face. Then to my great surprise, he smiled and said even better. He bent right over on the beach, grabbed my cock and started sucking it. It takes a lot to shock me. I was looking around trying to make sure nobody was watching us. Then I just said Fuck it! It felt so good I didn’t care. I let him suck me till I was throbbing and begging for more. He laid me down right there on the beach! He took his big fat cock out, pulled my bathing suit aside, and buried that big mushroom head inside me. He started pounding me so hard right there in public! My God I’ve never been so turned on in my life. I shot cum all over his and my stomach as he was stretching me wide open. Then he screamed out, “Here I come baby!”, and his cock went off like a fire hose. I’ve never felt so relieved and turned on at the same time. We both looked around sheepishly.  I asked if he wanted to go back to my place to start all over again! I was so happy when he said yes. We got the hell out of there before any unwanted guests showed up. He fucked me all night long had twice when we woke up. I’m going to have to watch the sunset more often.

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