Strong and Silent

Exhibitionist Phone Sex dixie1It was one of the hottest things I have ever done.I can’t believe he let me do it. I have been¬† there many times while he was working. He gets me in free and I can spend the entire day wondering around and enjoying the sites. This time however they were closed and he let me get up close and personal while he took pictures. There was something very hot about being photographed naked with all the creatures of the zoo. But the one beast that really turned me on was the mighty elephant. Standing next to this majestic beast, naked and vulnerable, touching his large tusk and sensing the quiet strength of him was really fucking hot. When we got done taking pictures and I got home I couldn’t help but think of how that one moment made me feel. I found an old worn piece of leather that reminded me of the feel of his skin and began to rub it over my tits making my nipples rise. As my pussy got wetter I began fingering myself. Harder and faster until my hand was soaked with cum. Licking it off I knew I would call him and set up another after hours photo shoot.Exhibitionist Phone Sex Dixie

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