Stick The Dick In The Ho

We are always looking for fun new party games and this one is exceptional! It was my friends birthday and we wanted some dirty fucking games to keep dicks hard and pussies juicy. We came up with “Stick The Dick In The Ho” our version of the old classic “Pin The Tail On The Donkey”  The Birthday Girl gets to be the Ho who gets stuck with cock and she is blind folded so she doesn’t know what is happening. Then we blind fold the guys one at a time and spin them around so they are disoriented. We point them in the right direction and they get to stick the dick in the ho. They can’t see so they could stick the dick in any number of places on the ho. And the ho can’t see so she gets whatever she gets. It turned out to be super fun in more ways then one. The first time we played of course the birthday girl got all the fun but eventually as the night went on most of us girls got to be the ho and the guys were more then glad to play as many times as we wanted them to! Happy Birthday Chick!

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