Staying After Class

teen whore brookeEarlier this week, I was late for class. When I got in, my teacher had advised me that he wanted to see me after class. I knew I was in trouble.

The last thing I would want to do is disappoint him. He is my favorite teacher. I love to watch him. He is so smart and handsome. I always sit in the front row and normally wear a low cut blouse or short skirt, just hoping he will notice me.

The bell rang and I stayed in my seat as everyone filed out of the class room. He looks up and tells me to go to his office and wait for him.

I wait on the big leather sofa wondering how I am going to get out of trouble. He comes in and stands in front of me lecturing me about the how being late is disrespectful and that he should fail me. I jumped up in protest, not realizing how close he was. I practically knocked him over and he just scowled, He was so handsome and his stern voice was  just turning me on. I brought my lips very close to his, as if I were going to kiss him and whispered, “I do respect you, Professor!”

I was close enough to feel the bulge growing in his pants. His voice was shaky as he told me that I needed to back off, that it would be wrong to touch each other.

So I sat back down on the big leather couch. I spread my legs and watched his eyes follow my fingers as I slid them up my inner thigh. I let my skirt  rise up, exposing my red satin panties. I slipped my finger inside my soaked pussy and pulled them out again, I offered him the finger and he did not move so I sucked my own sweet sauce off my fingers.

I stood to lock the door, letting my skirt fall to the ground. I was so turned on, I had to have him! I unzipped his pants and sat him on the desk. He reached for my tits and I backed away. Uh-uh! No touching! I sat in front of him and kissed the head of his hard cock. I let my tongue circle the edge of the firm head without taking him in my mouth. My breath, hot and moist against the skin of his throbbing love muscle.

I could feel his body start to shake and I devoured him, letting him fuck my mouth until he was about to cum, and then I backed off and sat back on the couch. I made him watch as I molested my pussy with my own hand. I watched his eyes get big and he started to yank on that throbbing cock. Uh-uh! I said no touching! That belongs to me!

“But I am about to explode!” he screams.

“Not yet,,,I want you to lick my little fuck whole. And don’t stop until I tell you!”

He did just as he was told, rubbing my dripping pussy with his strong flickering tongue. Oh my God! He was really good at that! This time I was the one who was about to explode! He must have felt my excitement because he stopped and then forced his cock inside me! I tried to fight but he was too strong! He was done in less then a minute! he sat back on his knees and said that he tried to warn me!

I couldn’t help but laugh!

Since that day,  we have daily lessons practicing his self control and I have not been late once!

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