Sissy Phone SexTook this guy home with me the other night. He did not know I was a tranny. I flirted with him all night long. Playing with my hair. Stroking his leg. And pushing my boobs in his face. Laughing at all his silly little jokes. I offered a nightcap back at my place. He accepted and we walked the 2 blocks back to my home. I offered him another drink and we both sat on the couch. Again I was flirting and all that jazz. He relaxed enough and started groping at my boobs. That is when I knew I had to have some fun. I got his dick out of his pants and started sucking only like a tranny can. I could hear his moans and groans. I could feel the tightness of his legs and balls as the pleasure went right thru him. I chuckled to myself thinking if he only knew what was swinging between my legs.

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