Special Delivery

BBW Phone Sex

I was fortunate enough to get lots and lots of gift cards this past Christmas. That’s right! I didn’t get any ugly sweaters or pointless crap that I had to wait in long lines to return… I shopped the smart way, ONLINE! I ordered everything right after the Christmas holiday ;so I caught all the sales. My deliveries finally arrived the other day and the UPS guy was fine as usual. He asked to use my bathroom, which I think is against the rules but I’m a no limits type of girl and I definitely wanted to see what he would do behind closed doors.

When he came out of the bathroom I “accidentally” bumped into him in the hall. His hands ended up all over my fat tits, I felt his body almost sink into my soft tits as he managed to say excuse me under his breath. He tried to back away but I was stuck on the feeling of his cock brushing up against my waistline through his shorts. I knew I could make him cum hard before he got back to work, so I went for it! Reaching for his thick black cock I pushed my hand down the front of his shorts to grab a hold of his growing cock. He tried to push back but I was already all over him .I pulled back far enough to get his cock into my mouth and damn near sucked him dry. He was smacking my fat ass as my head pushed up and down his dick. He pulled his dick out and I thought he was going to take off… Until I felt his big black cock being shoved into my fat ass. He was pushing it in inch by inch and it was breaking me down. I ended up on all fours in the hallway begging this man to cum inside my big fat ass. He was holding onto my pussy, playing with my clit while he stretched my ass apart with his long hard strokes.

Not sure how late I made him on his route but he went stumbling out of my from door after I drained him. Watching him hop in his truck as speed off to make up for the time he lost deep in my ass, I just knew that I would be ordering everything online from now on. 

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