Spanking Sissies

sissy phone sex


I take sissy training super seriously. That’s why when one of my sissies gets out of line or doesn’t follow the curriculum I have to punish you in ways that are unexpected, slightly sadistic and most of all effective for the path of learning as as training. You didn’t wear your panties every day to work under your suit, sissy. Spankings it will be. You didn’t move up a size in butt plugs either- more spankings, sissy. The list goes on and on for reasons I should, I could and I will correct you. What’s the point in the training process otherwise?? When you’re being taught your new femmed ways by a “Class A” trainer, you can expect to always have homework. Failure to show your work will result in correction to the 3rd degree. Thank you for your understanding, sissy. Now- you’re already late for class this evening so pick up that phone and let’s discuss your punishment.

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