Sorry Daddy

female bondage

I’m such a bad girl. I stole your credit card to get a bunch of stuff from Victoria Secret
behind your back and you are one super mad daddy. I didn’t expect for the credit card statement
to come in for a few more weeks and I had planned to sneak it out of the mailbox but of
before you found it and now I am busted. I got in the door and you were already sitting at the
kitchen table with your paddle waiting for me. I was in major trouble and your eyes said everything.
Before I could get one foot in the door you already had me under your arm and spanking at my
cute tight ass as hard as you could. Only little sluts where things like that and only little
whores steal their daddy’s credit card. My ass cheeks all black and blue, I know better now.
But daddy, can you explain why you got so hard down there while you were spanking me?


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