Soccer Sluts

I try to stay in shape for you, so when you told me that you knew some girls trying to put together a soccer team for some fun I was all about going out for the team. Little did I know that these were some of the hottest little soccer sluts I would ever meet. You totally tricked me into meeting up with them – they spilled your secret as soon as I arrived. The entire team was made up of tight bodied little blondes and they all wanted a taste of my olive skin and dark features.

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I felt like the team captain as we made our way to the locker room. They were all giggling and grabbing my ass and tits the entire way. We were wearing matching outfits – socks and all – and the attention from these little hotties was driving me wild. You told them that I lick pussy like no other woman and they all wanted a turn. Luckily, they were equally as talented and they darted their little pink tongues in and out of my tight cunt too. They loved my breasts and kept telling me how beautiful and exotic I was.

hot phonesex janelle
Then you walked in. I should have known you would come to watch. Your secret plan had came together perfectly and us girlies were having a ball in that locker room. You stroked your cock as you stood and watched us lick and finger fuck each other. The girls were insatiable and I came over and over while you looked me up and down. I can;t remember the last time I felt so fucking desirable and it was all thanks to you.

hot phonesex janelle
I didn’t end up kicking a single soccer ball that day, but those sporty little whores have invited me back next week and I certainly plan on cumming out for practice. This time though, you are cumming with me and we are going to tear up their tight little pussies together. There is no “I” in “TEAM”!

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