I am pulling a cigarette out of the pack, you are sitting there with the anticipation of me putting that little stick in my mouth.  You gasp as I slip that cigarette in my mouth and get my lighter to light it up.  Your cock gets immediately hard when I put my lighter to the cigarette and light it, you can see the red cherry as I inhale.  You watch anxiously as I exhale, what am I going to do with this smoke that is flowing out of my mouth?  The first thing I am going to do is sit in between your legs and lightly tease you by inhaling and exhaling that cloud of smoke you desire so much.  Your cock is throbbing now as I wrap my hand around your cock and start stroking it with my free hand while my cigarette is in my other hand and I am inhaling and exhaling making sure that smoke lingers around your cock for a while.  Then you watch as I slowly lower my mouth down to your cock, take a puff off of my cigarette and exhale on the head of your already throbbing cock.  I inhale again and exhale as my mouth wraps around the head of your cock.  Do you enjoy watching a girl smoking while blowing smoke on the tip of your cock as she slips her mouth around it?  Maybe you enjoy those smokey kisses too?

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