Slutty or Dominate? You Decide…

I was almost bored with him. Let’s face the fact that some guys just doesn’t have what it takes to please a woman. But I spoke too soon because then he surprised me, turn the heat up on high. Filling my holes up with his large man fingers. He started touching all my hot spots and turning me on and I was so ready for him to turn me out. I wanted his huge cock to invade my chocolate fountain. I have always been able to handle the dick but this took my professional cock taking skills to a whole new level. I rode every part of that man and loved every minute of it. I never felt so confident. I even got a little bossy with him. Forcing him to beg me to sit on his face. I love a man that doesn’t mind a woman in control. That’s so fucking sexy! I have to admit it was thrilling, even if it was only for ten minutes. Maybe I should try my hand at domination more often. I might even go shopping for something tiny, black, and leather. I’m loving my new persona already. Now wheres my bitch?

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