Sexy Australians

I went on vacation last year with one of my friends. She took me to Australia. The moment I walked off the plane I was in paradise. The way that those hot men talk just make me get all creamy in my panties. Every time one of them spoke to me I just wanted to tackle them am get on top of them have let them do anything and I do mean anything to me.

Once, we got inside to the front desk they had a sexy Australian come and take our luggage upstairs with us. We had to all get in the elevator and the way that me and my friend were looking at him. I am sure he knew we wanted him. I could not help but to ask him questions over and over just to hear his hot voice. If he only know the orgasms that were going on in between my legs.

We finally made it to our room. As he put the bags in, he stood there for a moment of course waiting for gratitude. I asked him to hold on a second and me and my girlfriend walked over and closed the door we had a whole other plan to give him thanks. Most people get money but he was going to get something so much better than that.

We turned and looked at him and both slipped off our our dresses and their our panties. We walked over to him as I planted a kiss right on those lips, my friend Belinda worked her way down until his clothes were completely off. We then both slid to our knees so that we could take turns taking that dick right into our mouths. We pushed him over on the sofa in the room and I climbed right on top of him and rode that dick as Belinda stood over him letting him lick and suck on her beautiful clit.

As soon as he started to cum, the way that he sounded made me and Belinda have a orgasm over and over a gain. Who knew Australians were so damn hot! Their voices can just melt you. Our porter got lots of gratitude the whole two weeks we were there.

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