Sexual Human Centipede

Big Dick Daddy Ben showed me how to turn something scary and gruesome like human centipede and turn it into some hot fun and pleasure. First off, Ben has this AMAZING MONSTER COCK that all us fuckalicious freaks love! Sarah, Bambi and I love to wrap our hands around his thick manhood and stroke it! It’s just the biggest thing we have ever seen! We got our big dick daddy all hot and bothered to the point where he was ready to explode! He told Bambi to get on her knees and take as much of his huge monster cock into her mouth! Sarah then got behind Bambi and her mouth turned into a suction cup. She glued her mouth right on to Bambi’s tight little asshole! Rimming, licking and tongue fucking that ass like her life was on the line! I got behind Sarah’s sexy ass and did the same. Just like a human centipede ass to mouth with Bambi’s mouth to cock! When Big Dick Daddy Ben came, all of his love juice traveled allll the way down until I tasted every drop! From Bambi to Sarah to Me… it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!

Thank you so much for a kinky time Ben! I can’t wait for your other crazy hot ideas!

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