Sexual Education

School Girl Phone Sex



I thought it was typical for them to split the boys and the girls during Sex Ed classes but Coach Carter said this one would be a little bit different. He put us all into pairs, including a few girl-girl twosome groups and explained that for this section of the study he felt it was important for each of us to show him everything we had learned so far in practice. I was paired with one of the older guys, his name is Billy. Coach had us kiss, he walked up and told me I wasn’t doing it right and made me kiss him first telling me to use my tongue this time and so I did. I could taste the little bit of whiskey we always joked that coach adds to his coffee which is what always leads to him smacking our butts during practice and I would be lying if it didn’t turn me on a little bit. He told me to go back to Billy and instructed all the girls to take off their shirts and let their partners kiss and suck on their nipples. He was explaining the entire time that the feeling we were probably having “down there” was sexual arousal. He then instructed the second partner to take off their pants and allow us to go down and inspect their privates. Billy’s cock was oozing pre-cum by this point and I couldn’t help but lick it up like it was melting ice cream dripping off a cone. Coach came back over and told me to keep doing that which is when he unbuttoned his pants and told me to perform the same technique on him as well. I was on my knees in front of my whole class with Billy’s young and thick cock in one hand and Coach Carter’s in the other, jacking and sucking them off at the same time. Coach let out a loud and long groan and announced that the big finish was cumming and that’s when they both exploded all over my face and pretty little chest. I thought I did a great job honestly but that’s when Coach announced that I would need to see him after school. I wonder what he could want?

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