Sex Slaves for Super Bowl Sunday

prostitution phone sex incest mommyDid you know that the Super Bowl is the the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States? The influx of fans, combined with the increased amount of drugs and alcohol consumed, equals the optimal breeding ground for pimps wanting to expand their wallets. The sheer number of men looking to pay for sex sky rockets this Sunday. And not just in the host city. I plan to take advantage of this phenomenon. I have been preparing for this day for weeks now with online ads, the right array of sex slaves to attract the big spenders, and converting my home into a whore house. While my hubby and his friends are getting drunk watching tight ends and Katy Perry’s boobs at half time, men will be violating the tight ends and cumming on the boobs of his family members.

I have a room set up for extreme BDSM with all the equipment a master could ever need to put a bitch in her place. Whips, collars, spreader bars, muzzles, suspension equipment, binders, gags, restraints, floggers… Even have a variety of medical fetish supplies like speculums, urethral sounds, clamps, enema bags and pinwheels for the darker clients. For the right price, a client can do whatever sick, twisted thing he wants to my teens, my little nieces, even myself. I know there are a lot of perverts out there that will pay top dollar to torture some hot flesh. Pain is such a turn on.

drugs phone sex dirty teen whoreThen I have a room set up like a doll house for those gentlemen who want to purchase the virginity of a little one. Complete with toys, Benadryl cocktails, camera equipment and a bunch of sheet sets to change when get bloody. Young tight innocent flesh sells for a premium dollar and I would be stupid not to capitalize on that. Luckily, I have my young niece and her little friends staying the weekend. I can easily pimp out each girl 20 or 30 times in the day; although the client who gets each pussy first, pays the most for the privilege of busting those little cherries. My sons’ asses are up for auction too. Something for everyone!

My final room is for the more vanilla guy. Those just wanting straight up sex. My sister and myself, along with my teen step daughter, will be offering horny men the girlfriend experience. Fuck our asses, skull fuck our mouths, jizz on our faces… you know, do all the things wives and girlfriends won’t do.

Super Bowl Sunday is all about sex and drugs to me. I whore out my family members, as well as myself, and earn party funds. Sex sells. And it sells more on Super Bowl Sunday. So while many of you are actually watching the game, I will be lining my pockets with the world’s oldest profession. What good are little ones if we can’t profit off of them?

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