Save A Horse…..

…..Ride a cowgirl! Hell fucking yes and yeeee haaaa! I went horse back riding with the girls today and the fucking trail hand was so fucking hot she should have been illegal. All of our cunts were wet before they hit the saddles. As she showed us how to saddle our horses, bending over to get the straps from the other side of her horse and giving us a shot of her camel toe jeans in between the leather chaps. This fucking bitch was so hot that we could smell the juices on her body. All of us kinda looked at each other at the same time while we were getting ready to mount and ride the trail like we do when we are at the club and eying a hot male we want to bring home and gang rape. We followed her every instruction a little to quietly until we mounted these huge studs, feeling the power of the animal between our legs as our pussies rubbed the leather of the saddle and we watched our leader guide us into the seclusion of the woods. Once we were in a position to speak freely we all began to work our guide verbally. Flirting and talking her up with sexual innuendos. Feeling her out to see how far we could go. Hinting at the drugs we had and gauging if she would be receptive. Soon we were sharing our weed and getting high as hell, laughing and joking and teasing each other. And when the time was right the laced joint came out. By the time we finished that she was ready. We spent two and a half hours on a twenty minute trail ride. Let your imagination guess what “Save a horse, ride a cowgirl” means.

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