Sardonic Possession

I had the kinkiest, raunchiest phone sex yesterday! The guy made me soooo wet. All I could think about was getting fucked hard enough from behind to split me open! He told me that I was his whore doll and cum slut. After ordering me to get down on my knees, I was told to spread my legs wide apart for a thorough stuffing! He used me and nailed me with his like his own personal sex kitten screw toy. Then I felt something cold and tight around my ankles….Slave bracelets with his name on it. Everyone should know who my pleasure spots belong to. And of course, he told me he’d sexually conquer my mom, too. She’s a whore like me! Her meaty jugs are so heavy and full of milk, and they could use a good titty fucking! If we wanted a drink of water, we’d have to bend down, completely bare ass naked, and lap it up out of our kitty bowls. He always jerked off to spill some of his pearly white cum to nourish our teeth and grow his seed in our bellies. Then he rubbed that cock off inside of us and shot his hot white jizz chowder right up our holes!

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