Rescue Me Please

Three guys kidnapped me and tied me up.  They were going to force themselves on me with their huge cocks.  You see me and kick their asses and rescue me!  Then you started talking to me while I was tied up.  You weren’t ready to let me loose yet.  You are really nice to me and ask me about my life and how I got out here and where I need to go.  You tell me, “I will let you loose if you cooperate with me.”  I ask what I need to do to cooperate and you say, ” You are going to be my fuck slave, you will have to do whatever I ask of you.”  I was secretly turned on by your abrasiveness so I complied.  You slipped your cock into my mouth and started to make me gag on it and get it really sloppy wet.  Then you tell me you are going to fuck my ass and when you get through tearing it up you will untie me.  There was something about the way you were telling me what to do and what you were going to do to me that made my pussy really wet. You slipped your cock into my ass and started pounding me until you came.  You said, “I’m not done with you yet, you are going to clean my cock up.” You put your cock into my mouth and made me lick my ass juice and the remainder of your cum off of your cock. I just about came right there licking on you like that.  Maybe you have a juicy, dark fantasy you want to share with me, just call me and we will do it!!!



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