Has She Really Learned Her Lesson?

This pathetic little fairy fag has yet to learn her lesson. She oinks, squeals and gets her stinky panties in a bunch for the fuckalicious superior females to out her. By outing her, I mean calling her names, putting up humiliating pictures in our blogs and even mentioning her real name because let’s face it she deserves every bit of embarrassment there is. Well this little piggy goes on and on and when we finally do… she “takes it back”… OH no no no! You can’t take all the begging and pleading back. This is what you wanted and what you deserve! You deserve to be put on front street for everyone to see just how pathetic you are.

You are a silly little fairy fag and Mistress Layla isn’t going to take it so easy on you like your Princess does.

Everyone will see how much you love to dress up and prance around like a sissy fairy. Don’t think she really begs to be outed? I have the screen shots to prove it! These smart phones come in handy!

Let’s say we challenge our little piggy pet. She has to write a hand written statement about how she loves all her shame and how she loves being a pathetic little pansy. She also has to mention how she will never ask for what she knows will ruin her. And if she does ask… she knows she has to face the consequences without any whining. Then take pictures of this hand written letter with her signature and send it to me. If she does this I won’t mention her name in the text of my next blog but if she doesn’t… I’ll mention that silly little man name and screenshot the texts of her begging and pleading to be outed.

Let’s give her a deadline shall we? Let’s say by Sunday¬† night 10/6 11:59 EST

Are you ready sissy?? Get to writing!

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