Put on Your Panties, Sissy School is in Session

sissy phone sex sissy trainerNot a day goes by that some loser with an inch worm doesn’t call me to fuck. Let me make myself perfectly clear. I don’t fuck short stacks. I am not submissive. I don’t give a fuck that you are paying $2 a minute to speak with me. We have bios for a reason. Not my problem you can’t fucking read. Never assume that because you are paying for a service that means I will do whatever YOU want.  If YOU are not a real man, packing real heat, YOU don’t matter. I will take your money and deny you the right to cum. Why? Because you don’t deserve to cum. Speaking with me is a privilege, not a right. You are not paying to get off, you are giving me a tribute for being subjected to your worthless ass. Men with dicks can call the shots. Girls with clits cannot.

In fact, if you are just a loser with a nub, then you need to visit my pink room. This is where I transform you from a delusional man who thinks he can please women with his tootsie roll reject to an obedient sissy girl who knows her place and can’t wait to serve a capricious Mistress and her army of studs. I will break you, train you, dress you, humiliate you, shame you, abuse you, then pimp you out as I see fit.

So now that we are clear about how this works, go put on your big girl panties and call me. You are just a phone call away from being the sissy slave you were always meant to be.  Sissy school is in session.

sissy training phone sex sexy mistress

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