professional trainer needed

hot phonesex janieOK, So I have made a decision in my career. If I am really going to be a porn star, I have to start working on my act.

I have been on photo shoots before so that is a no brainer. And I have certainly been practicing the art of fucking. I figured I pretty much knew everything I needed to know but no movie offers yet. I know I am young but everyone lies about their age so that can’t be it.

I think I need someone with a little more experience. Someone who “knows his way around”. I am not learning anything from these silly little football players  and bachelor party guys. Don’t get me wrong…I enjoyed the vanilla stuff and it is a nice treat once in a while, but it is time I learned how to fuck like a real porn star….and that’s where you cum in.

So I have decided I need a trainer. This could include multiple sessions. It may be a lot of practice. It could get very messy and may, on occasion, include a girlfriend (or two) and maybe even some “equipment”. It’s up to you. You are in charge. I will do anything you want me to!

I mean, I DO have to learn everything!

So I don’t have a lot of money and I was thinking we could work out a deal? Please call if you are interested. This position needs to be filled immediately!

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