Pretty little bows and Ribbons

I love to dress my little ones up. They look like little dolls all made up. I use pretty little sun dresses that barely covers their tiny panties. And of course I put in lots of ribbons and bows all over them. Ribbons holding up their pretty hair. Bows on the pretty little panties. Mmmm sooo cute! Just like little presents needing to be opened up. Little bows on their sun dresses holding them up. Needing to be untied to show off their pretty little bodies. Just the tiniest little things waiting for you to unwrap them. To enjoy them. To use them like little toys should be used and enjoyed. All for the right price.  You can do what ever you want to do to them. Be as rough as you want. Make those pretty little things your cum sponge. I can always make more. That is what they are for. For me to dress up so pretty… and you to rip the wrapping off and play hard with your new toy. Perrrrfect!

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