Popsicle Stick-It-In-Me

 I am building a popsicle stick house in school. My Daddy bought me a huge box of Crayon popsicles because those are the ones I like. I know Daddy likes to watch me lick and slurp my long rod icy treats because he imagines that I’m sucking on his Daddy-dickie with my little pink tongue.

Since I’m not advanced as an artist would be being mean and saying that theirs were better and mine is stupid. It made me cry soooo much that I ran out to the hallway and into the closet. It was dark and kinda scary in there, but I didn’t want to go back to class so I stayed to sniffle a little bit.

It was then that I realized I heard footsteps! It was Abner, our janitor. All of us call him by his first name since we’re around the same age and all. He came into the closet and asked why I was crying. I told him about my popsicle stick house and he made a frowny face to show he felt bad for me. Abner told me he could make me feel much better, so I let him stick his hand up my Powerpuff Girls T-shirt even though my Daddy warned me about strangers who wanted to roll down my panties. I hoped it would make Daddy mad that I did this so he could spank me again.


Before Abner could put his long penis inside of my slippery vagina, I heard a KNOCK, KNOCK at the door and all of a sudden my teacher Mrs. Sullman was there. She did not look happy at all to see my little boobies all uncovered ‘cus my nipples were getting hard in the air-conditioning. She started talking to Abner in a really mean grown-up voice, and then she pulled him away and told me to put my shirt back on. Mrs. Sullman didn’t take me to the nurse or anything. I don’t know why, but she didn’t come back to class, either. Maybe she went to make Abner’s hard penis go away by sitting on it like Mommy and Daddy did once when I walked in their room without knocking.

When I get home and tell Daddy what happened, he’ll punish me for sure! I can’t wait to feel the roughness of his hand against my bare bottom and scream out in pleasure again.

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