Poo Poo Pansy

Prissy Sissy Poo Poo Pansy


[Sung to the tune “Barbie Girl”]

I’m a sissy girl in a sissy world.
I’m a poo pansy. Won’t you please make fun of me ?
I love to dress in drag and wear a sissy maid nametag.
And poop my panties at the mall and be laughed at by them all !

I’m a poo poo pansy ! I’m a poopsie pansy !
A little poopie pansy ! A little poopsie pansy !

My bracelets jingle when I walk.
I’m so femmy when I talk.
My earrings flutter in the breeze as I out myself with ease !

I’m a poo poo pansy! I’m a poopsie pansy !
A little poopie pansy ! A little poopsie pansy !

♥          ♥                  

Prissy Sissy Poo Poo PansyI am a Poo Poo Pansy!!! Sometimes for my shame and humiliation, I poop my panties while all dressed up like a pretty little sissy girl. It feels SO good to push my poopies out into my panties. I adore mincing and prancing around in my stinky lump of shame as I feel it bouncing up and down against my femmy fanny and my dingleballs. Sometimes I even sit in my poopie shame and squish it in my pretty panties for even more humiliation. Every once in a while, Goddess Levi will order me to poop my panties right in front of Her and the other girls on the site to publicly humiliate me and to show all of them how pathetic and lowly I really am. Won’t you please out me, shame me and humiliate me SO much for being a Poo Poo Pansy? Oh, thank you SO much ! I deserve my shame!  ~XOXO, Sissy

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