Play date

I have been lonely since I used up my little gift. Lonely and looking for a play mate. Something young. But this time… I want something special. I have a little book with all my potential playmates in it. Every time I see something special I write it down in my little black book. I pull it out when I feeling lonely like a little shopping list. What am I in the mood for? The second I saw it… I knew exactly what I wanted. I saw her a few months ago. Coming out of ballet practice. Very long flaming red hair. Dainty and fair. The biggest blue eyes I have ever seen. But the thing that really drew me to her… That look. That look like she could fuck someone up. She was the bitch in charge. And I love a bitch who thinks she is in charge.It took almost a week to catch her when her mom was late picking her up. She was bored waiting and kept walking to the end of the street. That is were I got her. I was parked at the end and was trying to wrangle 3 puppies in the car…of course one got free. She was so fast to catch in.. and jumped right in the truck to put it in the pen. I just closed the door and she was trapped. I drove right out of town… I even passed her mother a few blocks away. When we got to the cabin she was truly pissed. She lunged at me screaming. I punched her right in the face and she crumbled like a wet rag. I grabbed that pretty red hair and pulled her into the cabin crying like a baby. She was easy to tie down. Her pretty little ballet outfit looked so cute it was a shame to cut it off of her. Her skin was like snow.. so pale and white. She got little goose bumps all over her little body. Even her little pussy. I knew I was gonna need to really enjoy this one. I wanted to make it last. I called a bunch of my friends over for a party tomorrow. A play party. But tonight I would get her ready. I started by putting nipple clamps with weights on her. Her nips will be so tender tomorrow. And then I shoved a thin long dildo right up her pretty little pussy. She screamed so loud. By tomorrow she will be so sore..but not so bloody. I want all her blood to flow when and where I choose.. not from all my friends gang raping her in the morning. I leave her tied there. With her nipple clamps and her dildo. She will be so ready for our play date tomorrow… I cant wait.

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