Perverts Are My Favorite

I love when my perverted caller is super fucking nasty with me, the nastier the better! His cock is always throbbing hard for my sloppy wet pussy and I fucking love it! A long, thick and veiny shaft all bloated up and full of cum, begging to penetrate my insides and destroy me! His big saggy ball sack are an added bonus, the icing to the cake, hehe! I love a nice set of nuts, perfect to shove into my mouth and have some dirty fun with. Whenever we talk and are alone, he hauls out his hard ass fuck stick and forcefully skull fucks my cute little face. I look so much better with his boner shoved down my throat! One night, he walked into my room completely naked with just my panties hanging off of his erect penis and was telling me how he was bringing my panties back to me. How kind of him, right?! My panties were fucking soaked, drenched with loads upon loads of gooey cock cream! He smothered them in his cum and thought it was okay to return them to me in such a manner. I must say though, I didn’t mind one bit! I slipped those sexy panties on to my body and felt the wetness absorb into my tight cunt, it felt so fucking good! He loves playing with my hot squirting pussy!Hot squirting pussy

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