Perfect revenge

I have it all set up what I’m going to wear and how I am going to make you my little bitch. Sometimes you have to be a little bitchy and have to get back those who can’t keep promises. My boss loved playing me like a game. He thought he could fuck me and go home to his boring life, Well you can’t have your cake and eat it too. I have started fucking those closest to him. Right now he is going insane thinking about his best friend who also happens to be his brother in law being with me in all the ways he can’t. I have made sure to send him a ton of pics and videos I have of me taking cocks in my young bald pussy. It’s so hot to know he is insanely jealous that I am fucking all the guys I want. I am having being a cute little cumslut for everyone but him. Now with the holidays coming up, I am surely going to make him green with envy. He no longer gets to fuck me.young bald pussy

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