The Perfect One

I love to take the perfect one. She has to be young. She has to be super tight! I want her to look innocent and sweet! She has to be perfect for my fun. I watch her till I know exactly what I’m going to do to her. I can imagine how she will squirm. How she will scream. It makes my pussy drip watching her. Knowing how I am going to rip her clothes off. Pull her nipples tight and taunt. I am going to finger her pussy and make her BEG for freedom. Of course she won’t get it. But I want to hear her beg. I will bring a friend to violate her. I want to watch her get fucked. She was perfect. But now she is used up and ready to be thrown away. Then I will wrap my fingers around her throat and put the fucking whore out of her misery. I want to watch her spasm on your cock as she dies. The perfect ending for a perfect whore.

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