Party Time

Oh darling, what a party last night! The night started out with dinner and a movie. I had no clue what the girls had in mind for me, or that they even knew it was my birthday. They talked me into going back to their apartment, little did I know that they were throwing me a surprise birthday party!The cake was perfect, that is exactly what I looked and felt like by the end of the night. It was glorious darling! They had the bar completely stocked and the liquor was flowing free all night long. We got so fucking drunk, the longer we partied and the drunker we got, the crazier things became. One of the girls recorded the whole thing. By about 3 in the morning we were all passing out all over the place. There was so much liquor left that we decided to get together again tonight. We are going to get fucking wasted again and watch the crazy ass shit we did last night. I know my titties are sore today so even though I don’t remember everything I know someone was showing me some titty love! We will find out tonight, won’t we darling?!

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