Party Play list!

I went on Vacation last week and I met two girls at the beach. Both were dressed in t-shirts as club wear. As I talked to Janet I noticed I could see both her’s and Jessy’s nipples silhouetted under the thin material of the shirts. I could feel my cock growing hard as I stared at the two young girls. At that moment all I could think about was how it would feel to be sucking on those nice firm nipples. Normally I long for a big thick hard cock to suck on. But I do love tight young pussy. The girls were asking me a bunch of questions about a party I had just left on the beach. And I explained it was for special girls like me. Well special girls and their special friends. The girls didn’t understand at first until I showed them my big hard black cock. I was surprised when they dropped to their knees together and started sharing my cock! I wanted to fuck both them, to show them how hard my black cock could get! But those tight young lips didn’t give me a chance! I shot my load all over their pretty little faces! Then I walked them to the party and let used my pass to get them in! What the hell.. They earned it!

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