Painting Party

I got invited over to a panting party Friday. It was very fun. There were two pretty little things tied up in the basement. John my host and myself got to have fun with art. I got to pick my canvas. I of course chose the lighter skinned redhead. She is perfect for a painting party. You see we both get a girl. And our tools. We get to cut and use her own blood to paint a picture on our canvas. Then we have to decide who was the best artist. I always win. I have a steadier hand. I love to do very detailed cuts to really paint a nice picture. And the winner gets to choose how the canvases die. And of course if you cut to deep and kill your canvas then you lose automatically. I painted a beautiful sunset. With stars all over her. Even put in some mountains and a lake. I won hands down. John pained a bland sun with wavy lines…lol BUT I did like how his lines dripped blood out. But since I wont I got to decide the fun. Johns canvas was hung and stabbed to death. I think the knife killed her before the rope. My beautiful canvas was raped to death while I choked the life right out of her!

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