Pain Addict

Ever since i met you, I’ve found an addiction in what you do that I have never experienced before. Your abuse and mutilation and complete domination of my body is the only thing that gets my pussy wet. I am so sick of the pussies who whistle at me on the street. Of course they want to fuck me – but they don’t know how to inflict the pain I need to be a happy little pain slut. Thats why I have to visit you regularly and beg for you to give me what I need.

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Your equipment overflows from every corner of your basement and you have a no limits policy – thats what I am all about. You never ask – you just take. Clamping my nipples until they fall off, spanking my ass so hard that I bite my tongue until it bleeds all over the table. You always take me right to the brink of what my body can handle, and then just a little further. You have a way of making me beg for my life that no one else has. Your hands are strong and cold and evil. Your voice growls commands and I do anything and everything you say.

My pussy aches for your attention, and you make sure my hands are kept away from it with bars and ropes so that I can;t pleasure myself. My pussy belongs to you. My whole worthless whore body belongs to you. Take it and beat me senseless while you feel your cock throb in your pants. Use my blood as the lube you need to finally penetrate me before you choke me out. You are my one and only Master and you are my sweet addiction.  

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