Paging Doctor Sexy!

I always fantasize about my doctor. She is super hot and I just wanna rip the white coat off of her and get down and dirty right there on the cold hard floor of the office. Shes always so stern and frigid. Hair pulled back in a standard doctor ponytail, glasses sitting on her nose like a kindergarten teacher. Its so sexy. She always exudes power. I want her to boss me around. She leaves me no choice but to shamelessly flirt with her. I’m wearing her down! Its only a matter of time before she calls me in her office and closes the door. We’ll be sitting there and she’ll let her hair down, just like in the movies. Then she’ll come around the big oak desk and sit right in front of me, cock her legs wide open and wait. Then its my turn to rip her stockings and panties off and feast on her sweet wet pussy.

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