P* Mommy Playdate

Mommy Phone Sex

My boss called me in, said we’d been working too much and deserved a day off. “Well,” I said, “what if we don’t want a day off?” Something about the labor board and the IRS, and there we were, first thing in the morning, first day in over 3 months we didn’t go to the club. I asked the girls what they’d like to do. They quickly agreed they’d like to spend time with other brats. I looked in my phone and found the only other P*Mommy I knew, Rita. She was quick to agree and we packed up and headed to her place. It was immaculate. We kissed in greeting and made the littles do the same. I awkwardly chuckled and told Rita that I had no idea what people usually did with little brats when they aren’t working the pole. She heartily laughed and led us all to the playroom. I was expecting the regular stuff; Lego, blocks, action figures, maybe a video game system or two. This playroom was filled with strap-ons, pony plugs, whips, floggers, paddles and canes. Handcuffs and ropes hung in an Ikea shelf on the wall, and a bondage swing sat in the corner. They even had a St Andrew’s cross. Christian Grey would blush here.

We did the mom thing; set up a camera, made the youngsters play in the playroom while we sat in the corner in the swing and drank and bullshitted about our jobs and our fuck friends. When they got bored playing with each other, we played with them, taking turns with our own and each other’s. We watched the littles bond over toys and pleasuring each other, and when everyone was spent, I packed up and headed home. I put them to bed as I reflected on the day. I had really enjoyed myself, Rita‘s company, and her littles. Hell, I might even ask for more days off.

 Mommy Phone Sex

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