P-Mommy Patricia is SO nasty WIth The YoungOnes!!!

mommy phone sex

Guess who this red-headed whore ran into at yoga today. Mommy Phone Sex Patricia. The P-mommy who got me into this business when I told her about my husband and I secret life. I was cursed with a small-dicked husband, so I get my fucking the old fashion way. I cuckold him.  I told her that I work on the side as a mistress and now I can’t go without a big dick ever

Patricia laughed and said that’s exactly why she got in the industry. She told me that she has way dirtier secrets and looked over where her brats were waiting for her. I was like no… That’s when the hunky big black limber Yoga instructor came back and locked us in the room. He went straight for Patricia and told her he was ready. He slipped a yellow envelope in her gym bag and all her girls came running up and they were naked! I never got a turn on that BBC because Patricia was showing her girls how to suck a nice black dick. Then she showed them how to put their chubby little legs above their heads and expose the soft flesh of those fat cunts! I never knew girl brats could take a dick that size. I was defiantly not the only one with nasty secrets. I have to say P-mommy Patricia Has me beat on her naughty fuck whore ways. Oh, and in that envelope was a fat wad of bills for a 20 min fuck session. No wonder all the men flock to her and her little ones. She has something to offer that even this hot phonesex whore can’t compare too! Mommy Patrica is over on Youngones right now!


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