Nightly Stroll

Tonight is a beautiful night to stroll through my garden. It’s so peaceful and an escape from the outside world. The crickets chirping, the air crisp and clean. Suddenly a rustle in the bushes near by. I keep walking though, it must be some sweet little woodland creature, maybe a rabbit or squirrel. The rustling noise comes again yet closer. I turn around, but there’s nothing there. I call out “Hello?!?, Is anyone out there” No reply. I keep walking down the trail of my garden, then out of no where I’m being dragged to the grass. I scream as loudly as I can but a large hand silences me. His other hand goes under my sundress and rips my thong from my body. As I struggle to get away the large man lays on top of me, and begins to insert his penis. I scramble and scramble, but there is nothing i can do. He is so strong and my attempts to break free are leading me no where. He gets all of himself inside of me, and realizing that I have no freedom l lay there and cry. As he grunts and moans on top of me, ripping my asshole apart, going as rough and hard as he can, I look up and stare at my beautiful roses. I’m being dominated by a man I’ve never seen stealing my innocence and my virginity. He has won. I have submitted.   

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