New Friends

Incest Phone sex

My Offspring and I are quite the fun family.  I invited a new family fun friend over to play with us.  It was a friend that had two little ones of his own.  He has been training his offspring for many years now and they, like my own, love new partners and experiences.  My new friend Frank really took to my youngest, Ruby.  He played with her all night.  They had lots of play time with all the others and then snuck off for some of their own fun.  Ruby likes to play with new friends in her playhouse.  She has lots of toys and I taught her that playtime must always be naked-play.  She must be obedient to anyone older than she and do everything they tell her to do.  I love to videotape her in her playroom when she is playing with friends to watch later while I masturbate.  Frank had a lot of fun with Ruby. He licked and sucked her little cunny, fingering her, and finally inserting himself inside of her tight little hairless honey hole.  He rode her hard and for a long time and they both reached sexual climax together and Frank held Ruby for a while. Ruby really took to Frank because of all the attention he gave her.  Ruby loves when Frank and his offspring visit but she always tries to get Frank alone.

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