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2 girl phone sex2 girl phone sex with my boyfriend drives him so fucking wild. I hang out with my best friend Emma, and we get so fucking freaky, and he knows just what happens when we get together. He’s away at a different campus, and for his birthday a couple of weeks ago we got freaky on the phone with him. This past Friday we had fun on cam. He was excited to see all the nasty things we did together in life. He was jerking his cock to Emma and me rubbing our pussies and scissoring together. It drove me wild to know he was watching me eat her pretty pussy and finger fucking her. He kept directing us to do stuff, and you can hear the excitement in his voice. To be real, I cum so much harder with my girlfriend; My boyfriend wasn’t around a lot, a lot but when I fuck him I always think about emmas tight little cunny. I love dick, but there is something about a cute college girl like me that makes a total nympho

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