Neighborhood Welcoming Committee

Phone sexI love my boyfriend but I can never be faithful to any man. I love cock too much and there is this nice older man that just moved in next door..that is making my wet bald pussy want to pounce!

He is clearly going through a divorce and as the neighborhood welcoming committee, I think I should let him know that my pussy, I mean back door, I mean  my door, is wide open!

Wearing nothing but an apron and carrying a plate of cookies, I strolled over to introduce myself.

He was wearing just shorts and was all sweaty and his cock started to grow the second he opened that door! I couldn’t wait to see what was growing under those shorts!

I almost dropped my cookies as I slammed the door shut and jumped on him, wrapping my legs around his waist!

He was a total stranger yet somehow, he was driving me mad with this overwhelming need to worship his cock! It was so big that I was actually excited and scared at the same time!

I started licking his big fat cock head, and licking his entire shaft!  He was so yummy and he was rock fucking hard!

Then he grabs my hips and pulls me down on top of him, sliding that thick meat in my tightly clenched cunt, inch by inchdeeper and deeper, until he was balls deep!

It was so fucking big and it hurt but somehow the pain made it even more erotic. And once my tight cunt relaxed and grabbed hold of that giant dick, he started really fucking me, fast and hard with his mile long dong!

He came so deep inside me, it didn’t start oozing out for days!

I am really going to have a lot of fun with my new naughty neighbor!

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