Naughty Neighbor Tease

I have this naughty neighbor that has been watching me ever since my tight pussy was naturally bald!

I swear he even strokes his cock on the other side of the fence but I can’t prove it!

All I know is his furry fido is always licking that spot in the fence when he walks away!

Well this time I caught him with his hand full!

Phone SexI thought it was so sweet that he was hard for me so the least I could do is give him what he wanted!

So I pretended I didn’t see him peeking in my window and I just laid back on my bed and let my fingers explore my tiny little shaved pussy lips!

I have to admit, I was so wet and it felt so good, I almost forgot about my peeper!

I spread my legs further apart so he could get a nice view of my twitching clit!

Mmmm, I reached for my favorite vibe and slipped it deep in my aching cunt!

I peeked out of the corner of my eye and my neighbor was stroking his throbbing hard cock like he was going to yank it clean off!

The idea of him cumming for me was sending me right over the edge and I know I was about ready to explode!

Then I caught his eye and I gave him a little wink before I squirted all over the window in front of his face!

I thought He would run but instead, he leaned in and started licking his side of the window!

I have to say, the way he was licking, I think I am going to invite him in next time!

I could use some tongue action like that!

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