My Naughty is Naughtier Than Your Naughtiest

I don’t mind telling you I am filthy. I mean… I am fucking disgusting! I want to watch you rip my little sluts apart! I want to see you FUCK them. Harder and faster! I need to know they are being used like fuck toys. Fuck their face. Piss all over them. Shit I don’t care what you do to them. As long as I can get high and watch. I want to hear them scream while you are using EVERY whole! And no matter how nasty you want to be. I want MORE! Come on; Show my cunts how to take it. It is time for you to go dumpster diving in my little cum dumpsters! This is your opportunity to do ANYTHING you have ever dreamed of. Be the nasty P perve you have always wanted to be. Cum on. I know you need that P cock of yours squeezed till your ball explode inside my sluts. So stop dreaming of it. Let just do it!

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