Naughty little regrets

I have regrets I do, but while I am being naughty and in the moment where my horniness is at an all-time high I begin to do things I kind of regret. I tend to act on impulse and the things that come from those actions can make for some crazy circumstances, The other day I was a horny slut and I got all riled up thinking about fucking my boss. I’m the type of girl that loves a challenge and getting a married guy to fuck you is a hot challenge, Yes it maybe immoral but being able to fuck someone just cause you want is by far the hottest thing ever. I was late in the office thinking about my boss he ended up leaving early but I still had him stuck in my brain. I got so excited and wanted to send him some big tit photos. I snapped some and sent them to his email, I always do this it’s a bad habit. big tit photos

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