Nasty Halloween Fun

Fetish Phone SexWhat’s better, my delicious pussy or some yummy Halloween candy?! Why don’t you shove your face between my creamy thighs and let me know! I already know the answer and the answer is me! My wet juices dripping all over you, getting you fucking soaked as you lick me up and down with your wild tongue. It drives me wild to feel your hands all over me, gripping on to my small waist as you pull me in closer to you, gnawing on my cunt lips and biting on my labia! Swirl your wet mouth all over me, sloshing your spit into my slit and making it drip down my ass crack! I love feeling your saliva between my butt cheeks and it’s even better when I clap my ass in your face while you eat me like i am your last supper! No need to indulge in Halloween candy baby, I am more than enough for a man with exquisite taste in nasty young freaks like me. Your cock throbbing for me we play and pleasure one another sounds like a plan that I wanna experience all night long! Rub your hands all over my body and bite on my nipples, make me yelp out my moans while you make me squirt cum all over the bed! You love watching me quiver as I orgasm hard for you, I love how much you love it!

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