My Secret Admirer

For the last month I have been getting flowers every morning at work, and on my car when I wake up in the morning to leave. He would leave little notes that says you’re beautiful, I can not wait to make you mine. Today there was something special that happened though. I woke up and my whole living room was filled with big beautiful blue flowers and a handsome young man sitting on my couch. I got startled and ran to the phone to call for help. When he grabbed me by my arm and told me that he is not going to hurt me, he only wants to love me the way that I deserve to be loved. I put the phone down for some reason I did not even feel scared anymore. Soon as I put the phone down turned around he placed his hand on my head stroking his hands through my hair as he slowly started kissing me softly on my lips,pushing his tongue in and out of my mouth. He slid his hand up my shirt and unbuttoned my bra,taking my shirt off leaning down sucking my nipples. He grabbed my hand and walked me to my bedroom taking my clothes off slowly. Laying me down on the bed he worked his way from my toes all the way back up to my lips kissing every inch of my body slowly and passionately. When he got back up to my lips he reached down and took his cock and slowly worked it into my pussy making me feel so wet and creamy down there. He whispered into my ear that he had been in my bedroom before watching me as I slept. I was scared for a moment, but the way his cock was making my pussy feel I needed more of it. I wrapped my legs around him and rolled us over getting on top of him. I leaned over pressing my breasts against his lips as he took them in his mouth sucking them making me feel very excited the harder he sucked the wetter my pussy got. I could feel myself about to explode, I turned around into reverse cowgirl and rode him until I squirted so hard all over my secret admirer’s hard cock. He can come admire me anytime.

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