My number one fan is a sissy

sissy phone sex

I have gotten quite comfortable in making sissies my total bitch. I love a good fan. One that can do whatever I say whenever I want. My project partner in class is a complete sissy. I figured it out quite quickly. I knew that he was obsessed with me. This particular sissy wanted to know everything about me. He kept asking me where I got my outfits and make-up from. He begged me to take him shopping and sissify him. I can’t turn that down, so I agreed. I knew he wanted to walk and talk like me and try to mimic me. It brought me so much laughter, but I loved the admiration in honestly didn’t want it to end. I told him if he really wanted to be a good sissy phone sex slut he would have to be willing to do it all and do it with a smile. I wanted him to be a good cocksucking whore and was willing to train him.

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