My New Sissy

Today I was panty shopping at my favorite lingerie store, Victoria Secrets. While I was there, I saw this pathetic, lonely guy walking around the store as well looking at lingerie. I mean at first glance, you would think he was maybe there shopping for his wife or girlfriend. He was a big guy, like 6’2. Brown eyes. Muscular build. Very  handsome. I couldn’t help but to continue to stare at him due to his very attractive outer appearance, but I could tell there was something more than what met the eye. The handsome stranger moved towards the fitting room with some items but I couldn’t see with what. I figured maybe he was taking some stuff to his companion. I continued my panty search and headed over to the fitting rooms as well. The stranger and I locked eyes, but that is all. I wanted to say something but couldn’t for some reason. I was at a lost for words. The look he gave me says he wanted to say something to but he didn’t. We just both walked passed each other and went about our way. After finding all my new panties, I head to the parking lot and to my car. 

When I get to my car the handsome stranger is there waiting for me. He  ask me why I was staring at him and how did I know his secret? I was confused, but then a light bulb went off in my head ! This guy is a sissy and he was there shopping for his self! I replied back to him, ” I don’t know shit about you, but I can see your pussy through your clothes.” That drove him wild. I saw a light in his eyes flash and it was like he felt at home. We exchanged numbers and planned on meeting at my home later that night. I had a surprise in store for him. sissy phone sex

When my new favorite sissy came to my house, as soon as he came to the door, I instantly made him get on his knees and I put my dog collar around his neck. I told him  this was part of his initiation process. He was a good bitch and did as I told her . I walked my bitch up the stairs and to my bedroom and made her strip naked. I put a curly blonde wig on her and  a pink teddy and thong set and made her wear some pretty clear stripper heels. I told her what a pretty bitch she was and made her thank me for allowing her to be so pretty. To thank me, I made the bitch eat my fat black ass and  sweet pussy. We stopped once I heard a doorbell ring. The honorary guest were here!

I put my bitch on her leash and walked her down the stairs and we answered the door. It was three, big dick black guys ready to train my good bitch. They had my bitch gagging on dicks, stuffing her asshole and then when they were done with her, came all over her whorish face. When it was all over, my bitch thanked me for allowing her to live her slutty dreams. Who would of known the handsome stranger from the mall would end up being such a cum guzzling, big black dick, taking porn star?

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