My Mom’s Big Bush

Mommy Phone SexOne of my callers was so excited to hear all about my Mom and her big hairy bush and how much kinky fun I had playing with it when I was just a youngster. As far back as I can remember, her pussy was covered in so much hair which she would rarely ever take the time to groom because that was how her and my Daddy preferred it to be. She would have me get into the shower with her so that we could have some wet and wild fun, and boy did we ever! While we were in the shower, she would show me the anatomy of her vagina and use her fingers to spread her lips open to expose her insides to me, mapping out what every part of her lady parts was meant to do. I had a big cup in there with me and loved holding the cup underneath her bush as the water trickled down into the cup, filling up so fast and overflowing as I giggled away, hehe. I’ll never forget one day when she was walking around naked in the house and much to my surprise, her bush was gone! She had a bald, sweet little cunt poking out and I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was a little bashful when I discovered her new look but she said that she wanted to try something new and different and of course I was all for it! My Daddy was super pleased as well, he was able to munch on her pussy without getting a mouthful of pubes. It was so cool to see her pretty lips all bare and sexy, begging to be fucked and played with! As you can imagine, her and my Daddy locked themselves away in their room for the remainder of the day while they indulged in their nasty play together.

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