My Doctor Likes to Play Doctor!

big tit photos chubby girlDo you like to like big tit fucking? Every man does! I know men say they like breasts of all sizes, but bigger boobs are just better all around. Now, I am not talking about big fake knockers, but natural breasts like mine. Look at them? They are perfect to take a cock. I bet you are imagining your cock between my tits now, aren’t you? You wouldn’t be the only one. Even my doctor wants to be between my 40 EEs. He said it was part of my annual breast exam, but I am not stupid. I knew checking out my titties got him hard.  The bulge in his pants while listening to my heart was undeniable.

I just unzipped his pants, slid it between my big soft breasts, and he pushed them together around his cock.  He needed to check for lumps! He was feeling my breasts as he thrust his hard cock in and out of them. I was sucking his cock at the same time. I can’t have a dick between my tits without sucking on it too! When he came on my tits, I knew everything checked out perfectly! Even my doctor likes to play doctor! That is the power of big beautiful natural boobs! I would love for you to give me a breast exam with your hands, your mouth and your cock!

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