My Daughter And Me

Mother-Daughter Phone SexMy girl is such a good whore. Has been ever since she was a little one. Always interested in what I was doing with the men that showed up to play with me. I remember one time when she was just a little wee one. I was getting fucked by this guy I just met in the bar that night. We were making a lot of noise as we came thru the door. Trailing back to my bedroom we were making a loud rucas. My daughter came popping in the room. At first we did not know she was there watching us from the bottom of the bed. I was so into sucking this guy I was not even paying attention to her. When I looked up I spotted her watching me give head to this guy. (Sorry I keep saying this guy, but I do not remember his name. One night stand and all.) She smiled at me and jumped on the bed. I sat up and brought her to my lap undressing her from her clothes. I took her hand and wrapped it around his fuck rod and was sliding it up and down. I took my tongue and licked at his shaft. He was totally fucking enjoying this, his precum was seeping out. I told my daughter to take her tongue and lick up his precum. She did and she really enjoyed it. I think this is the point when she knew she wanted to be a whore just like me. Ever since this time she has wanted to join in when I was getting fucked as much as possible. And now she is a great little whore. Always wanting to fuck. Never says no to anyone or anything. And knows most of all her best asset is her body.

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